In the previous decade, martial art is a way to defend yourself or kill enemies when the world was in warfare. Over time, It has been developed to a kind of sport that spread out all over the world. There are just a few places on the planet that still keep traditional deadly techniques.

So why should you learn a martial art?

A Culture

Not to say that culture plays an important role in a country which presents identity, personality, and image for a whole nation.

When we talk about a country, other pales in comparison with culture, especially, a martial art. For example, when you talk about Karate, we think immediately of Japan. Or when you talk about boxing, we implicit that it is England. Finally, Muay Thai presents a culture of Thailand

Although martial art is not as popular as before, we should still keep developing it to maintain a vain of a nation.

Good For Health

This sport has the same benefit as other sports. Your muscle and body will become bigger, solid and stronger. You lung works more effectively that can pump more air to your brain. Your cardiovascular is improved that make you a glowing smile every day.

All of these positive results are the consequences of long term hard training, which require patience and endurance. Your progression is not linear or parabolic but a fluctuate graph.

There will be a day that you are exhausted but you keep fighting the feeling of pain to overcome tough obstacles. But other time you feel much stronger and 200 push-ups are quite easy to finish off.

You are not going to be a real fighter overnight and it takes your blood and years to become just better. Martial art involves a lot of punching and kicking, which is dangerous if you do not own a proper knowledge to train yourself.

Let see a best Sanabul boxing glove to protect your hand when training boxing.

Make Sure You Know About Safety

Martial art is very useful but it can damage yourself if you do not learn basic techniques properly. Making sure that you pick thick Muay Thai glove before fighting or wear an MMA glove for punching a heavy bag.

The glove is the first and simple equipment when you are beginner, however, it will come with you for your rest of training life. You can give up whatever you want in your class but a glove is obligatory.

When you do shadow box, sparring, real fight or punching bag, you have to use a glove if you learn martial art such as MMA, boxing and Muay Thai.

With karate, almost time you do not need to use this equipment. Punching to a wood or stone is a popular solution for Karate practitioners. Karate seems to be a traditional empty hand method of fighting, therefore they want to force their body to be a weapon.

However, in many areas, Karate becomes a popular sport that requires a glove when fighting. The design of this equipment is quite different from other combat sports. It is smaller and has exposed palm.